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About the Author
    Renée Filippucci-Kotz was born in New York, grew up in Kentucky.  She has loved books since she was a child. Going to the library with her parents and brother was a favorite pastime. Renée has been telling stories to children since she began babysitting around age eleven. Renée has been interested in writing for children since working with foster children. AJ's Wish is her first children's chapter book. It received honorable mention in the Carteret Writing Contest.

    Growing up Renée and her family had a variety of animals including gold fish, dogs, turtles, a cat, and a rabbit. In 2001 she began to volunteer with her local, county, animal shelter. In 2007 Renée along with three other shelter volunteers started the non-profit, Wake Animal Advocates Group (WAAG) to help the shelter with its adoption efforts. Additionally, she also produces short videos of pets in foster homes for the shelter and various rescue organizations to assist them with finding loving, adoptive homes for their waiting animals.

    When she is not writing, Renée enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with her pets.  She lives with her husband and pets in North Carolina.
Cassie, the inspiration  for AJ's Wish.