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What some kids and parents said about AJ's Wish
“It was very interesting. It was not too long or too short.” —Ursula, age eight

“I liked the story was about a cat.” —Riley, age ten

“I think this is a good, interesting book. I loved it.” —Lane, age nine

“I liked it a lot.” —Christian, age eleven

“A sweet story for young pet lovers. Just the right length to read to kids.” —Lane’s mom

“We were having difficulty getting Christian to read until he read AJ’s Wish. Now he is reading 
it to his little sister.” —Christian’s mom

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Most households come to this point as their children grow into responsible family members. Should we have a pet? And if so, what kind? What do we have to take into account in acquiring one?

I liked the story and the way the author immediately makes a child’s opinion matter.

The story is prefaced with Acknowledgments to seven young people, ages six through eleven who helped with the evolution and suggestions for the story.

Following that is a section titled Reviews, where four children wrote what they liked about the story as well as two mom’s.

Therefore, those two sections set the story dynamics very neatly into a mutual effort of a child’s desire for a pet and the parents concern the pet be well cared for if one joins their home. The big plus to reading this story is how the parent can help guide a child to make the right choice (tone of advice), providing a responsible path taking into account the child’s needs, the pet’s and the parent’s. The repartee between AJ and her parents is something of a learning tool to a parent, I suspect.

The book is written with the intent to help children see what care an animal needs and how to acquire this information. It displays a few illustrations through the story which enhance the readability.

I like the story. I like the message. And I approve how the author makes this story a tool of learning – both for parent and child.  This is a lovely read.
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