Ten-year-old AJ's wish is to have a pet of her own.  She has always loved animals. She enjoys playing with her grandma's pets and the pets of her friends.  After AJ and her family watch a TV program about all the animals in shelters, she asks her parents for a pet.  When they say no because she hasn't show them she is responsible enough to care for a pet, she sets out to prove them wrong.

Pepper, recently adopted by ten-year-old AJ and her family, is on her way to the veterinarian when her family is in an auto accident.  Even though her mother told her not to, AJ takes Pepper out of the car to check on her.  Pepper is frightened by a dog, jumps out of AJ's arms and runs away. Follow AJ and her friends Su Li and Cory as they look for Pepper as well as Pepper's experience while she is lost.

Meet the Characters in the AJ Series

Amelia Jae

Nickname AJ.  Named for Amelia Earhart.  AJ loves animals. She s a real tomboy.  She is determined, fearless and can be stubborn.

Cory is a fun loving extrovert.  He wants to be a fire fighter.  He is an inventor.  He loves his cat Newton.
​Su Li

Su Li is friendly and smart.   She likes to write and wants to writer. She has a dog named Bailey.


Pepper is four years old.  She is very friendly and very curious.  Adopted by AJ and her family.